About Our Founder

Welcome to Only The Gods llc, where style meets purpose. Behind the scenes, driving the vision of this platform, is a multi-faceted individual whose journey embodies the essence of resilience and passion.

Meet Sutclif M. Davis, Founder & Owner


From Construction Worker to Writer, Real Estate Agent, and Activist

In the bustling world of construction, I laid the foundation for my dreams. Yet, my journey didn’t stop there. A writer at heart, I picked up the pen to tell stories and share experiences that needed a voice. As a real estate agent, I navigated the dynamic landscape of homes and communities, understanding the importance of spaces in shaping our narratives.

Driven by a commitment to positive change, I embraced activism, advocating for justice and equality. The intersections of my experiences forged a path toward a new venture, one that blends my diverse background into a powerful statement.


A Web Developer's Vision Realized

With a passion for technology and innovation, I honed my skills as a website developer. This expertise became the catalyst for www.onlythegods.tv. In the digital realm, I saw an opportunity to create a platform that not only showcases fashion but also tells a story — a story of identity, culture, and empowerment.


Embracing Fun, Family, and Community in Business


At Onlythegods.Tv, we believe that the heartbeat of success lies in the bonds we build, the laughter we share, and the collective spirit of a thriving family and community. We understand that while business is serious, there’s immense power in injecting joy and a sense of togetherness into every endeavor.

The Power of Family:

Just as a strong foundation is essential for a sturdy home, a close-knit business family is crucial for enduring success. Our team isn’t just a group of professionals working together; we’re a family that supports, uplifts, and celebrates each other’s achievements. We know that when we share the same values and foster a sense of belonging, we create an environment where everyone can flourish.



Proudly Black-Owned:

As an entrepreneur and activist, I proudly stand at the helm of a Black-owned clothing site and blog. This platform is more than just a marketplace; it’s a celebration of Black excellence, a canvas for self-expression, and a hub for stories that deserve to be heard.

Join me on this journey, where fashion meets purpose, and every piece tells a story. Together, let’s redefine style, empower communities, and make a statement that goes beyond the seams.

Thank you for being a part of OnlyThegods.Tv and remember..

“The kingdom is within you”

With gratitude, Sutclif M. Davis Jr. Founder & Owner, Onlythegods.llc

About us:

Who We Are: At OnlyTheGods.llc, we believe that fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and we’re here to make a statement. We are more than a clothing line; we are a platform for change, embracing diversity and celebrating the richness of our heritage.

Our Commitment to Education: Knowledge is power, and we empower our community through learning. Each week, we introduce a Vocabulary Word of the Week and a Book of the Week to encourage a love for language and literature. We believe that education is a key driver of progress, and we’re here to inspire minds and spark conversations.

History and Current Events: Our roots run deep, and we honor the legacy of those who paved the way. Through insightful discussions on history and current events, we aim to foster awareness and understanding. We believe in the importance of knowing where we come from to shape where we are going.

Humor and Heart: Life is too short not to find joy in every moment. Our approach is infused with humor, bringing a light-hearted touch to the serious issues we address. Laughter is a universal language, and we use it to connect, uplift, and brighten your day.

Our Symbol and Saying: Our logo is more than just an image—it’s a symbol of unity, strength, and purpose. It represents the multifaceted nature of our brand, encompassing style, education, history, and inclusivity. “The kingdom is within you,” a powerful biblical line, echoes our belief in the strength that resides in each individual.

Join us on this journey where fashion is a form of activism, and every purchase supports a community-driven mission. At Onlythgods.llc, we’re not just selling clothes; we’re building a kingdom of style, knowledge, and empowerment. Welcome to the revolution—your kingdom awaits.